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Battle Royale Poster

Battle Royale

My interest in posters has finally led me to start screenprinting my own, and here’s the very first one! My friends Heather & Kevin Chesley recently gave birth to their daughter, Lucy, and I wanted to send them something fun – so I decided to create a boxing poster, featuring a bout between Lucy and our friends Ted & Jordi’s daughter, Evie. I took design inspiration from classic boxing & rock n roll posters, such as the ones made by Hatch Show Print. I’m looking forward to pulling more prints in the future cause I love the way it looks – you can’t get that squishy ink look and random bits of dirt in Illustrator. Larger design here.

Damn That’s A Beautiful Guitar

SG Zoot Suit

This is the SG Zoot Suit by Gibson. It comes in many colors, but I’m really just blown away by this ridiculous rainbow variation. Just gorgeous. Hot damn! Not much else to say. Wish I played more guitar so I could justify being an idiot and buying one. Ah, well.