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826 National Catalog

214I live in Park Slope, about two blocks away from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., which is where the self-respecting Metro area superhero does his one-stop shopping for things like Chaos, Invisibility and Capes. It’s also the tongue-in-cheek front of house for the New York branch of 826, a mini-chain of writing & tutoring centers founded by Dave Eggers. It’s also a design nerd’s paradise, with clever copy coexisting with just as smart design to create a convincing universe. Which, as we get into this blog, you’ll see is what I like best.

So imagine my delight upon discovering that they’ve now published a “catalog” of all (read: not all, but quite a few) the weird, fake and wonderful products that they sell at their stores across the country. Favorites include the Echo Park Time Travel Mart’s* “Shade” (a seed that grows into a tree when you time travel 20 years into the future) and the Kitten Plank, a cat-sized walk-the-plank accessory, at the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco.

It’s also only $12 and it’s totally worth it. Buy it here! I did immediately.

*Whose slogan is “Whenever you are, we are then.” Brilliant.