Battle Royale Poster

Battle Royale

My interest in posters has finally led me to start screenprinting my own, and here’s the very first one! My friends Heather & Kevin Chesley recently gave birth to their daughter, Lucy, and I wanted to send them something fun – so I decided to create a boxing poster, featuring a bout between Lucy and our friends Ted & Jordi’s daughter, Evie. I took design inspiration from classic boxing & rock n roll posters, such as the ones made by Hatch Show Print. I’m looking forward to pulling more prints in the future cause I love the way it looks – you can’t get that squishy ink look and random bits of dirt in Illustrator. Larger design here.

2 Responses to “Battle Royale Poster”

  1. MLarson says:

    This is so awesome!

  2. Dani H. says:

    Liked your post. I am gonna show this to my (future) bf heh. Hope you’re having a good Sunday. – Danielle

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