Public radio host Jesse Thorn passed this along to me the other day, a tattoo on one of his listeners of the logo I designed for his show, The Sound of Young America. Extremely exciting, I gotta say. And I’m pretty psyched that something I’ve made is now going to last for a good 70 or so more years.

The young woman in question is a certain Heather Scholz from Anchorage, Alaska. The tattoo artist is Maria Garcia.

Yahoo! I did have one person ask if he could use my Staten Island tattoo design (in the Fun Stuff gallery) for a real one, but I haven’t heard if he actually followed through. Anybody else want to pick one of my designs and get it inked on? I’d love to get my whole portfolio out there. Hell, I’ll even pay for your tattoo (within reason) if you wanna pick something cool out of the portfolio and get it done…

3 Responses to “Tattoo!”

  1. SJ says:

    The young woman in question is wicked hot. Well done both of you.

  2. justin hull says:

    pretty awsome design i really would like to get it if you’r okay with me wearing you’r design

  3. stefanpatrik says:

    Totally cool with this guy.

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